If you celebrate Honeymoon in this hotel, you will get 70 lakh rupees !!

Marriage is a beautiful moment that everyone dreams of. Meanwhile, the boy and girl are going to start their new life. So obviously they want to start their new life in a beautiful place. Going to a good and beautiful place for a honeymoon is a good option to make the happy moment of your marriage memorable. It also takes money to get to a good place. So most couples decide to go abroad for their honeymoon, but when it comes to money, the plan goes awry. But you will not be disappointed at all because today we will show you about a hotel where you will get 70 lakh rupees to celebrate your honeymoon ….

Yehda Hotel

One condition of the hotel …

Named Judah in Israel
There is a condition of a well-known hotel.
A reward of Rs 70 lakh is given for fulfilling this condition. It is to be mentioned that as per the condition, if the couples staying at Yehda Hotel become pregnant on the day of their due date, then those couples are partners of this prize.

It is to be mentioned that this offer of this hotel is given every four years. The hotel holds the offer on Leap Year’s Day and couples arrive in February and stay there.

Aim to complete management

If a woman claims to be pregnant by the due date, a team of doctors at the hotel thoroughly checks and confirms this.
If the investigation turns out to be true, the hotel bears the full cost of the stay.

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